Signal 一覧



kill -l


Linux は「/usr/include/asm/signal.h」を参照してください。


1 SIGHUP Hang up.
2 SIGINT Terminal interrupt signal.
3 SIGQUIT Terminal quit signal.
4 SIGILL Illegal instruction.
5 SIGTRAP Trace/breakpoint trap.
6 SIGABRT Process abort signal.
7 SIGBUS Access to an undefined portion of a memory object.
8 SIGFPE Erroneous arithmetic operation.
9 SIGKILL Kill (cannot be caught or ignored).
10 SIGUSR1 User-defined signal 1.
11 SIGSEGV Invalid memory reference.
12 SIGUSR2 User-defined signal 2.
13 SIGPIPE Write on a pipe with no one to read it.
14 SIGALRM Alarm clock.
15 SIGTERM Termination signal.
17 SIGCHLD Child process terminated, stopped or continued.
18 SIGCONT Continue executing, if stopped.
19 SIGSTOP Stop executing (cannot be caught or ignored).
20 SIGTSTP Terminal stop signal.
21 SIGTTIN Background process attempting read.
22 SIGTTOU Background process attempting write.
23 SIGURG High bandwidth data is available at a socket.
24 SIGXCPU CPU time limit exceeded.
25 SIGXFSZ File size limit exceeded.
26 SIGVTALRM Virtual timer expired.
27 SIGPROF Profiling timer expired.
29 SIGPOLL Pollable event.
31 SIGSYS Bad system call.



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